The Health Benefits of Singing

Whether you’re looking to build your career as a singer or conquer a new hobby, singing provides physical, psychological, emotional, and social benefits to all ages. 

The Physical Benefits of Singing

•Singing strengthens the immune system
•Singing is a workout
•Singing helps with sleep 

The Psychological and Emotional Benefits of Singing 

•Singing is a natural anti-depressant 
•Singing lowers stress levels 
•Singing improves mental alertness

The Social Benefits of Singing 

•Singing can widen your circle of friends 
•Singing boosts confidence 
•Singing broadens communication skills 
•Singing improves your ability to appreciate other singers

The pleasures derived from singing are many. The health benefits are tremendous. Start your lessons today!

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Join us for the ONLINE Huddle Series starting on Wednesday, September 16, 2020. All 10 classes in this series address topics of importance to instrumentalists and singers. Huddles are on Wednesday evenings 8:00pm eastern/7pm central. Check out upcoming Huddle dates and topics:

September 16

Getting to Know You…Who Are You as an Artist?

September 23

“Making It” in the Music Business

September 30

Managing Performance Anxiety “Stage Fright”

October 7

Building Your Brand

October 14

Developing Your Social Media Strategy

October 21

Growing Your Email List

October 28

How Do I Market Myself?

November 4

Planning Your Recording Project

November 11

How Do I Get Sponsored?

November 18

Get Your Music in Film and TV – Music Licensing

Individual Huddles $10 each

Save 20% when you buy the 10 Huddle Series

Space is limited. Reserve your seat today!

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Learn How to Get Sponsored!

I’m so excited to present this Master Class on How to Get Sponsored. Many of my followers have asked about garnering sponsorships for their podcasts, blogs, tours and other projects.

Join our Business Savvy Community each Wednesday night for interesting and informative topics related to your business.

Learn How to Get Sponsored

July 8th at 7pm central


Follow this link to register. Space is limited. Click to Register Today!

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Troubling Racially Motivated Occurrences

There have been many troubling occurrences regarding racism over the history of our Country. This is a difficult topic for many to address. We want to believe that we have moved past the racially motivated events that have taken place in America. Racism is “terrorism” and it is America’s original sin. We will likely not move past it until we can embrace the idea of talking about it, honestly and openly.

Two terrible incidents have occurred this week. One resulted in a man’s death and the other illuminated an ugly reality for many members of our society.

George Floyd was the man killed by police officers in Minneapolis. Terrible rioting has ensued as a result of this incident. Riot participants are racially diverse and they are expressing concern regarding the future of our Country and the ability of each and every American to enjoy the freedoms that our constitution provides. Follow this link to hear the remarks of Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey.

The other incident did not have a violent ending, but it could have. It harkens back to the same refrain. “Racism” that is so deeply ingrained that decent people who would swear under oath that they are not racist might find that they have some soul searching to do.

This incident involved a white woman Amy Cooper, who was walking her dog in the Ramble area of Central Park in New York City. Signs are posted, requiring all dogs to be leashed if they are in that area of the park. The victim of this incident was an African American gentleman (Christian Cooper, no relation to Ms. Cooper). Christian Cooper is an ornithologist and was bird watching that morning. He politely asked the woman to please leash her dog, as that section of the park mandates. She refused and became aggressive. Mr. Cooper began videoing the encounter. The woman became hysterical, threatening him and saying that she would call the police. He calmly reiterated that the dog should be leashed. The woman again refused and proceeded to call the police, when, in fact, she was the one violating the law. After the call to the police, the woman did leash her dog and the man went back to bird watching. There was no further incident.

This brings up so many thoughts. Why did this woman call the police when she was clearly wrong? One would think that she was an intelligent person. She was a Vice President for Franklin Templeton Investments. She is supposed to be one of the enlightened ones. An intelligent leader in society who would follow the rules and be a champion for the rights of others. Yet she was not abiding by the law and she created a situation that could have resulted in a very bad outcome for Christian Cooper.

It is important to mention that Christian Cooper (no relation to the woman) is a Harvard graduate, Board Member of the Audubon Society and a highly contributing member of society.

It is also important to mention that John James Audubon (1785-1851), after whom the National Audubon Society is named was an African American man of French and Haitian descent. He is notable for his extensive studies documenting all types of American birds. He created beautifully detailed illustrations that depicted the birds in their natural habitats.

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Memorial Day 2020

Today we commemorate the fallen Americans who have given of themselves as Military Personnel, First Responders, Medical Professionals and so many others who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our safety, health and comfort.

Thank You!

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The Benefits of Music Education

I was asked today to share my thoughts on why music education is important. It really started me thinking and realizing that music has informed my entire life. It affected my course of study in college, leading to a wonderful career in music. 

I began playing piano at age 7 and violin at age 11. Without exposure to these things at an early age, my life might have taken a totally different trajectory.

Music fosters creativity and critical thinking skills. It builds self confidence, promotes esteem, engages the emotions and offers opportunity for collaboration between people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. It is a wonderful vehicle for inclusion.

Give some thought to how you’ve become the musician that you are today and how music education has impacted your life.

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.
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The Business Savvy Singer Online Huddle… A Huge Success!

Last night’s Business Savvy Singer FREE Online Huddle was absolutely fantastic! We had an outstanding panel of Professional Singers who shared their personal experiences with Performance Anxiety. 

Often we feel very alone in our insecurities and feelings about stage fright. We often think “no one has these feeling but me! What is wrong with me!!! This creates increased feelings of insecurity and anxiety, as we are ashamed to admit to these feelings. We find ourselves in a lonely silo of insecurity. 

Well… last night we let it all hang out!!! Everyone was honest. We all shared and learned new coping mechanism for managing Performance Anxiety. It was great! Some comments from the Huddle:

Thank you, thank you, thank you Greta! It was wonderful not to feel alone about my feelings of anxiety!

It was great to hear so many perspectives and mechanisms for managing Performance Anxiety. 

Thanks for giving us such a great forum to share and continue with our music even though we can’t perform right now.

The winning comment of the evening was made by Elisha McIntosh. He said When I have Performance Anxiety, I let my courage overtake my fears! Such an inspiring and insightful comment from a brilliant young singer.

Many thanks to Arisa Sullivan, Mae Koen, Ava Logan, Alexia Sky, Kimberly Mann and Elisha McIntosh for participating in this vibrant discussion. 

Stay tuned for info about the next Business Savvy Singer FREE Online Huddle!

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What To Eat Before You Sing


It is best to sing on an as close to an empty stomach as you can tolerate. You don’t want to be so hungry that your stomach is growling, however you don’t want to be too full either. If you must eat, try to choose light options. Foods like soup, salad, vegetables, chicken, almonds and apples are great choices that digest quickly. Make sure to complete your meal at least one hour before your performance.

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The Many, Many Benefits of Singing

Did you know that Singing is great for your health? Singing is a natural mood booster. It reduces stress levels and lowers blood pressure. Singing strengthens the immune system and helps us get a better night’s sleep. Learn about all of these things and more in this great article from Health Fitness Revolution.

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Live Stream #3 – Music Business Secrets for Singers – Putting It All Together

Music Business Secrets for Singers #3

Putting It All Together

April 22, 2020

For more educational content, click

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