Jean-Claude Orfali…The Parisian Maestro

This week Greta sits down with Jean-Claude Orfali…The Parisian Maestro – pianist, composer, and conductor. Jean-Claude Orfali is a collaborative pianist and a composer of vocal music.He began his career in 1984 with a pop rock music band and in solo piano. Since several years in Paris, he has been performing in various hotels such as: George V, Bristol, Plaza-Athénée, Crillon, Meurice.

Since 1997, he is the pianist of “BB15” a Parisian jazz Big Band, which he currently co-directs with the guitarist and leader Gérard CURBILLON. He also plays in smaller jazz formation. He is an author and composer, member of SACEM. In 1994 he wrote and recorded the music and songs of the theatre play “Chantez..Que Diable!”

Listen to the full episode now!

Learn more about Jean-Claude by following him on FacebookInstagramYouTube, and by visiting his website.

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Meet the Talented Dave Van Dyke

Today we chat with Dave Van Dyke who is a talented singer and performing living in Buchanan, Michigan. Dave explains how he began performing and how he got to where he is today. He also created The Van Dyke Revue which has been performing since 1999, offering high quality music from multiple genres. Their stage presence, appropriate volume and variety makes for the perfect occasion.

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Meet Frieda Lee

Since her debut at the Chicago’s Fantasy Lounge two decades ago, Frieda has performed at every major showcase for jazz in Chicago’s rich and diverse musical milieu. She is currently in demand to perform with some of the top-notched ensembles such as the Marcin Januszkiewicz Trio, the Jeff Stitely Ensemble, the John Burnett Swing Orchestra and the Travis Wesley Trio of Springfield, Illinois.

Enjoy our conversation with Frieda!

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Music, Money & You…Managing the Business (Holiday Season)

This week Greta Pope reads an excerpt from her book, Music, Money and You… Managing the Business. This book provides stories, examples, and advice for anyone wanting to make it in the music business.

This week we’re kicking off Cyber Monday and the holiday season with special promotions for singers, musicians, and performers.

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Meet Leesah Stiles

Leesah Stiles is a burst of energy on the stage and you can find her giving tribute to Bernadette Peters, Bette Midler with a dash of Patsy Cline.

This entertaining, dynamic redhead will knock your socks off with her talent and her funny interactive audience pleasing show! Ever since she started working as a professional entertainer she has wowed people all across the United States. Whether she is singing with such greats as Maria Muldaur (Midnight at the Oasis) or sharing the stage with Ed Herrmann (FDR and Gilmore Girls fame) or singing out radio jingles this energetic lady is thoroughly at home in the limelight.

Learn how Leesah got started, what she did during the pandemic, and what is in her future by listening to the full podcast.

Please excuse the background noise, this recording was recorded remotely. 

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Meet Herschel Daniels with Eternal Wolf Music

At an early age, Herschel could tell that music was a part of his soul. It was how he coped with heartache and how he celebrated joy. He played drums in the school band but his parents bought him an electric guitar and the rest was history. From there he went on to learn a hand full of other instruments from piano to Native American flute all in the search of cool and interesting sounds to use in his music. He went on to attend Full Sail University, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Audio Production.

Learn more about Herschel by visiting his website, and follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Full service list: 
  • Mobile recording
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Beat Production
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Meet the fabulous Jim Ferguson!

Jim Ferguson Is a dynamic jazz bassist/vocalist/songwriter. Jim has a magnificent and elegant musical style. What a treat. He has worked with many legendary musicians during his career, including country singer Crystal Gayle, The New Christy Minstrels and many others.

I first aired this interview several years ago on Jazz and More with Greta Pope, a radio show that I hosted on WRHC Radio Harbor Country.

After you learn a little about Jim in this interview, take a listen to Jim’s wonderful 2021 interview with the great Marian McPartland from Marian McPartland’s Piano Jazz. Great history and beautiful music. Enjoy.

Learn more about Jim Ferguson here.

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Patience and Persistence Enjoying the Road to Success

In this, the second season of The Business Savvy Singer Podcast, we’ll continue to visit with professional singers and learn from their journeys, but we will also hear from professionals in areas that support Singers. Everything from recording your next project to securing good artist management to tour booking to contracts and so much more.

This week’s episode is on patience and persistence, a topic that resonates with anyone pursuing any kind of goal. We set our sights on our objectives, often expecting to achieve those objectives immediately and giving up if we aren’t immediately successful. This is often true of Singers. We want a successful singing career so badly. We work at it for a while and then, because it doesn’t come right away, we become discouraged, feeling that a singing career may not be for us.

Ed Wimp has been road manager for the famed R&B group Earth Wind and Fire. He has also been road manager for hip hop artist A$AP Rocky. He is the author of Building Fans Fame and Wealth; The 18 Revenue Streams of Music

In this keynote presentation, Attorney Ed Wimp talks about the importance of the two “P’s” in achieving any goal. Enjoy!

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We’re Celebrating!

What an amazing year it’s been! We’ve met so many wonderful professional singers and heard about their journeys. What a thrill to have them as part of our community! Check out the commemorative images on social media this week.

We’re especially celebrating Michael James Scott, The 2021 Business Savvy Singer of the Year!!!  After the long pandemic shutdown, Michael is back to work in his role as the “Genie” in Aladdin on Broadway! Wishing Michael much continued success in his award-winning role!

Many thanks to the NATSCast Network and to our Sponsors and Staff. Thanks also to you, our listeners, who have made this podcast a success. Looking forward to a new brand season of The Business Savvy Singer Podcast! Thanks again!

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Music, Money & You; Managing the Business

by Dr. Greta Pope

We arrived at Elmendorf Air Force base in Anchorage, Alaska at 2:00 p.m. on a February afternoon. I was stunned! It was very cold and… it was dark! I’d heard that Alaska was dark for extended periods of time in the winter, but this was unbelievable! What a fabulous way to begin our U.S.O. Tour to the Far East!

Read more about this amazing tour and so much more in Dr. Greta Pope’s book Music, Money & You; Managing the Business! This book is used in school curriculums and other music programs. Perfect for that special singer or musician in your life. Get your copies…

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