Staying Healthy as a Vocalist!

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Hello Private Voice Students and Parents,

The 2015-2016 Fall Semester is well underway and students have settled in very nicely. As the weather begins to change, I encourage students to take care. As vocalists, our bodies are our instruments. Keep warm. Wear a jacket or coat that is appropriate for the temperature. Wear appropriate rain gear and as winter sets in, be sure to wear your boots and a hat. A scarf around your neck is a good way to protect your voice. It can also be a great fashion statement! 🙂

As a professional singer, you will be booked for performing engagements. Your audience is expecting your performance on the date that it has been scheduled, whether you are feeling well or not. This is how the business works. Having a cold or a sore throat is not an excuse for not performing. So, we must do everything that we can to avoid getting sick.

In addition to dressing appropriately, some other things that you can do to minimize your odds of getting sick are:

1. Wash your hands with soap frequently.

2. Do not touch your face (eyes, mouth, nose). Germs are easily passed from your hands. Your hands have touched doorknobs, pianos, desks and other things that might have been touched by someone with a cold or virus.

3. Get plenty of rest. You should be sleeping a minimum of 8 hours per night.

4. Eat a well balanced healthy diet including lots of fruits and vegetables.

5. Drink lots of water. This flushes your system.
I am enjoying working with you. Let’s make this the healthiest year ever!

Wishing you the very best!

Dr. Pope

About gretapope

Dr. Greta Pope has enjoyed a three decade career as an in-demand entertainer for corporate events, as well as public and private events of all types. She has performed throughout Europe, the Far East, South America and the Caribbean, as well as in the United States and Canada. Dr. Pope is a published author. Her book is entitled Music, Money & You; Managing the Business. It is used in the Chicago Public Schools and is available at booksellers nationwide. Dr. Pope is President/CEO of Greta Pope Entertainment, Inc. since January 1991. The company is in the business of Entertainment Production, Publishing, Recording and Educating. Greta Pope Entertainment products include the shows Duke Ellington, Cole Porter, American Songbook, American Jazz in Paris and International Intourlude. The most recent Greta Pope Entertainment, Inc. production is the very popular MOTOWN...Pride of the Motor City! show. For more info visit Dr. Greta Pope is the founder of the, where she offers Business Education products for Singers, including Business Courses, Business Consultations, Voice Lessons and Piano Lessons. She also hosts The Business Savvy Singer Podcast. For more information or to join the "tribe" of Business Savvy Singers, visit
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