Jazz Tropicale Cruise!

Finally…the WDCB Radio Jazz Tropicale Cruise took place last evening. The ten piece Marshall Vente Jazz Tropicale band sailed onboard the Tall Ship Windy from beautiful Navy Pier in Chicago.

When we boarded at about 5:00 p.m. the sun was shining brightly and though the temperature was in the low 60’s it felt quite comfortable. However, being a veteran at this, I thought that it would be cold once we were out on the lake and the sun went down. So I wore a fur poncho, leather pants, my motorcycle boots and a hat. I also brought gloves, just in case.

Well…everyone laughed at me as I boarded the ship. People were pointing and whispering. I just ignored their snickering, because I knew that later in the evening they would be wishing that they were dressed as I was.

Dill, who is one of the singers, had her midriff exposed. She looked fantastic, but I was thinking oh-oh! Marie the other singer, had on a lovely sleeveless dress, with a sweater over her arm. I was concerned for both of them, as I knew that we were in for a chilly and damp experience.

I must say that the cruise was beautiful and that all of the passengers as well as the band members had a wonderful time. The music kept everyone moving so that it didn’t get too cold for anyone.

However, I was very glad to have been dressed as I was. By the end of the evening, no one was laughing at me. They all thought that I was very smart to have worn my fur poncho. The owner of the Tall Ship Windy came up to me after the cruise and commended me on my clothing choice.

It’s particularly important for singers to take every precaution to assure that the voice and body are protected from the elements. I have several important performances this week and didn’t want to chance the possibility of vocal problems.

It was a great night. My husband, son and I enjoyed a lovely after cruise dinner at Riva on Navy Pier.

It is officially autumn. We bid adieu to Summer 2013.

Jazz Tropicale Cruise Sept. 22, 2013

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