Childhood Friends

Yesterday was a thrilling day for me. Edward arrived home from Law School for the summer, I had a number of positively enthusiastic communications from fans about my weekend performances and I booked several shows for the summer/fall. All-in-all, it was an extremely productive and satisfying day.

At about 7:05 p.m. I received communication through my website. It was from a woman in Virginia who was looking for me. I looked at the name and couldn’t believe it. The email was from my childhood friend and neighbor, Doris! What a thrill. I immediately picked up the phone and called the number that she had left. By 7:10, I was talking with her. The first five minutes of the conversation consisted of unabashed squealing and crying. It was wonderful. Once we got a grip on ourselves, we talked about her family, my family and the neighbor families, filling each other in on important details. What a lovely chat we had!

I had not seen or communicated with Doris since she left for college. She was a couple of years older and I admired her so. It was particularly special to me that she would hang out with me. We were very good friends.

Doris had five brothers and one sister. They were a lovely family. Her dad owned a successful plumbing contractor business. Her mother managed the household. All of the mothers on our block were stay-at-home moms.

Our childhood was idyllic. Beautiful neighborhood and fantastic neighbors. It was a wonderful community that nurtured the children and supported each other.

We were fortunate to have had such a strong foundation. The expectations were great for us, not only from our own parents and extended families, but also from the families of our neighbors. All of the children have been successful.

I am so happy to be back in touch with Doris. She lives in Virginia, but is currently in Cincinnati visiting with her mother. She will still be in Cincinnati for my Concert at the Hyatt Regency Cincinnati on May 23rd. She plans to come. I am so excited to to see my dear friend again.

Life holds many unexpected twists and turns for us all. There’s something wonderful around every corner. I am happy to have turned this corner to my past. My life has come full-circle and I am delighted.

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Dr. Greta Pope has enjoyed a three decade career as an in-demand entertainer for corporate events, as well as public and private events of all types. She has performed throughout Europe, the Far East, South America and the Caribbean, as well as in the United States and Canada. Dr. Pope is a published author. Her book is entitled Music, Money & You; Managing the Business. It is used in the Chicago Public Schools and is available at booksellers nationwide. Dr. Pope is President/CEO of Greta Pope Entertainment, Inc. since January 1991. The company is in the business of Entertainment Production, Publishing, Recording and Educating. Greta Pope Entertainment products include the shows Duke Ellington, Cole Porter, American Songbook, American Jazz in Paris and International Intourlude. The most recent Greta Pope Entertainment, Inc. production is the very popular MOTOWN...Pride of the Motor City! show. For more info visit Dr. Greta Pope is the founder of the, where she offers Business Education products for Singers, including Business Courses, Business Consultations, Voice Lessons and Piano Lessons. She also hosts The Business Savvy Singer Podcast. For more information or to join the "tribe" of Business Savvy Singers, visit
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